"Bianca" Cable Knit Hat

Recently I decided to tackle one of my knitting fears. Cables. Once I took the plunge, it was not as scary as I thought it would be. After a little trial and error, or a lot of trial and error, I came up with a cable hat pattern that I really liked. I started selling them in my Etsy shop this past fall and got an amazing response. It ended up being one of year's best sellers! There was also interest in the knitting pattern, so I sent it to my testers, and got some great feedback, including some amusing typos. I am thrilled to present the "Bianca" hat pattern in my Ravelry store, as well as my Etsy shop! 

This whole experience has taught me that I should not let my fears hold me back. One of my favorite quotes is "Don't be afraid to fail. Be afraid not to try." I should have listened when I read that quote a long time ago. Amazing things are waiting for you once you tackle some of your fears!

Here is some info for you about the pattern:

With the purchase of this pattern, you will receive a 6 page pdf file with the knitting instructions to make your very own Bianca hat. Instructions include written cable instructions, and instructions for 6 different sizes from Newborn to Adult!

Pattern is in US terms

Size 13 (9mm) US needles, double pointed and 16” circular
Size 15 (10mm) US needles, double pointed and 16” circular
1 Skein Bulky Yarn #6 (Wool Ease Thick n Quick)
Large Stitch Markers
Needle for weaving in ends
Optional – Large Pom Pom Maker, or Faux Fur Pom Pom

I would love to see your Bianca hats! Tag me on Instagram @craftsbysarahliz so I can see your work!

- You are free to sell what you make from this pattern. I would appreciate links back to my blog or Etsy shop to credit me as the designer.
- You may not use my photos.
- You may not share this pattern, but please share the listing link so your friends can buy it too.
- You may not sell this pattern or claim it as your own.

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Hannah Hair Bow - Free Knitting Pattern

My 2 year old loves hair accessories. She often opens the drawer where I keep all the headbands and hair clips and asks to wear one. She also throws a fit when I take it off, we are working on that part. Because of her love of hair accessories, I knew I needed to have a red bow for her 2nd birthday earlier this year. I was really wanting to do a knitted version of a bow so I created the "Hannah" Hair Bow just for this special occasion. But it really is a versatile piece that I want to do in all the colors possible to match every outfit. I do have the bow available for purchase in myEtsy shop, but I also wrote down the pattern to share with you. I also have the free pattern in pdf form on my Ravelry shop. Enjoy!

Size 6, 4mm needles
Worsted Weight Yarn (I used Caron Simply Soft)
Needle for weaving in ends
Optional - Hot Glue Gun
Optional - Hair Clip
Optional - Nylon Headband

K - Knit
Purl - Purl
St - Stitch
RS - Right Side
WS - Wrong Side

Long tail cast on 10 (alternatively, if you do not want to to a long tail cast on, thumb cast on 10, and knit 1 row before starting row 1 below)
1. K across
2. Slip 1 st purlwise, P rest of row
3. Slip 1 st knitwise, k rest of row
4-19. Repeat last 2 rows until you have 17 rows stockinette, ending with a rs row.
20. (WS) Cast off knitwise

Weave in ends.

Option 1:
Cut long length of yarn (I use approximately 1 yard). 
Weave needle through the center (see photo). 
Pinch center of bow. Wrap yarn around center of bow 10 times. 
Knot in the back and weave in ends. 
Using hot glue gun, glue center of bow to hair clip of choice.

Option 2:
Cut long length of yarn (1 yard). Weave needle through the center (see photo above). Pinch center of bow. 
Wrap yarn around the center of the bow AND a nylon headband. 
Knot in the back and weave in ends.

I would love to see your bows! Tag me on instagram @craftsbysarahliz so I can see your work!

- You are free to sell what you make from this pattern. I would appreciate links back to my blog to credit me as the designer.
- You may not use my photos
- You may not sell this pattern or claim it as your own

© Sarah Gross - Crafts by Sarah Liz

Lacy Baby Headband - Free Knitting Pattern

I first opened up my Etsy shop with some baby headbands and booties. The headbands were a little knitting pattern I developed in my own head. I feel like it is time to write it down and share it with you. See pattern below, or you can download a pdf version on my Ravelry store HERE.

Size 3 knitting needles
Worsted Weight yarn (I used Caron Simply Soft)
Needle for weaving in ends

CO - cast on
RS - right side
WS - wrong side
K - knit
P - purl
YO -yarn over
K2TOG - knit 2 together
BO - bind off

20 sts, 44 rows, garter stitch = 4"

Instructions are for 0-3 months with (3-6 months, 6-9 months) in parenthesis.

Using thumb method, CO 72 (80, 88) sts.
Row 1. WS - Knit across
Row 2. RS - Knit across
Row 3. WS - K 2 sts, *yo, k2tog*. Repeat * * until 2 sts from the end. K 2 sts.
Row 4. RS - Knit across
Row 5. WS - K 1 st, *yo, k2tog*. Repeat * * until 1 st from the end. K 1 st.
Row 6. RS - Knit across
Row 7. WS - K 2 sts, *yo, k2tog*. Repeat * * until 2 sts from the end. K 2 sts.
Row 8. RS - Knit across
Row 9. WS - Knit across
Row 10. RS - BO using a loose bind off or you can use the alternate bind off below
Alternate Bind Off - Elizabeth Zimmermann's sewn bind off HERE.

Using needle, sew ends together. Attach your favorite flower or bow at the seam to help hide where you sewed it together. See below for my favorite flower pattern to go with this headband.

-Crochet Flower Pattern
I modified a version of this pattern HERE

Using G hook (4mm)
Ch 4 (Magic circle does not work with this flower pattern)
Sl st in 1st chain to form a circle
Prep: Ch 1
Round 1. *Ch 3, sc in circle* Repeat 3 more times (you will have 4 loops at this point). Ch 3, sl st into Ch 1 in prep round (now you have 5 loops)
Round 2. In first ch 3 loop, (sc, ch 1, 3dc, ch 1, sc). Repeat in the rest of the loops. Join to the first sc of the first petal.
Round 3. Fold the petals toward yourself so you can work behind them to make the next layer of the flower. Still working in the circle made from the ch 4 at the beginning, *sc, ch 4*. Repeat 3 more times (you will have 4 loops at this point). Ch 4, sl st to first sc. (now you have 5 loops)
Round 4. In the first ch 4 loop, (sc, hdc, dc, 3 tr, dc, hdc, sc). Repeat in each ch 4 loop around. Join with sl st to the first sc of the first petal of the round. Cut yarn leaving a long tail for sewing to headband.

Sew a pretty button in the center of your flower. Sew the flower to the headband, weaving in any remaining ends.

I would love to see your headbands! Tag me on instagram @craftsbysarahliz so I can see your work!

- You are free to sell what you make from this pattern. I would appreciate links back to my blog to credit me as the designer.
- You may not use my photos
- You may not sell this pattern or claim it as your own

© Sarah Gross - Crafts by Sarah Liz


Angel Ian Hospital Hats

Ian Dominic Schlegel. My little nephew was born January 21st, 2012. He lived for 13 minutes. Yet with such a short life, he changed mine forever.

For some time, I have wanted to do something in honor of Ian. I think that this, his 4th birthday, is an appropriate time. I would like to present to you Angel Ian Hospital Hats. I really loved using this pattern for my daughter's hospital hat. It's super stretchy, and it retains its shape really well, so it fits head sizes from preemie, all the way to 3 months old! It makes a great pattern for donating hats to the NICU (Neonatal Intensive Care Unit). Here is how it works: when you purchase a hat for your baby, I will also donate one hat in your name to our local NICU for a baby in need. Or, if you prefer to make a straight donation, there is an option for the same price to donate 2 hats.

Click HERE to purchase or donate an Angel Ian hat.

I know it seems such a small thing. But maybe these parents who have such tiny premature babies could use a hat made especially for their little one. Maybe they need to know that they are not alone. And maybe Ian can touch more lives than he already has. If 13 minutes of life can touch so many people, if 780 seconds can have such a profound impact on hundreds of lives and even the lives of people we don't even know, shouldn't we be able to do so much more with the years we have? It seems so small, making these tiny hats to donate. But maybe, just maybe, the parents of a tiny baby who is struggling to live will see this little token of love and support, and maybe it will bring them some comfort during their hard times. And maybe Ian will live so much longer in our hearts, in your hearts, and in the hearts of these parents who receive these little tokens of love in memory of Ian.

If you want to read more about his journey, you can visit my sister-in-law's blog posts about Ian here, here, here, and here.

Much love to you all,
~Sarah Liz


Knitting - So Much More Than a Hobby

Ah, knitting. This story begins back in 2010. My 14 year old sister-in-law Olivia taught me the basic knit stitch. I jumped right in and made myself a brown and white scarf. Over the next 2 years, I kept making scarves for family and friends. I even made a Harry Potter Gryffindor scarf. I know, I'm a nerd. Soon, knitting began to take on a little more meaning.

(My very first knitted item --- Photo Credit: Sarah Gross)

For some reason, knitting was a way to relax and unwind. I remember my goddaughter being born. It was the first childbirth I ever witnessed. I was there for all 22 hours of it. For a large portion of it, I was rocking back and forth in the rocking chair in the hospital room and knitting in time to the rocking. Back and forth, back and forth. Row after row after row. The scarf was purple and black. I finished it a few days after she was born. I plan to give it to her someday. Maybe at her high school graduation, maybe sooner. It's nothing fancy or spectacular, but it is something I was working on while waiting for her to come into this world. Like her birth, it is something I will remember forever. My little token of love for her.

(Photo Credit: Sarah Gross)

My knitting career didn't really take off until 2012. I was expecting my first baby that September. I met my friend's mother Manuella. Little did I know how important Manuella would become to me. She is a very talented knitter. She holds weekly knitting nights at her home, and in 2012, I started attending. Motivated by pregnancy, I wanted to expand my repertoire to more than just scarves. Naturally, I started making baby hats. The feeling of dressing your little baby in something you created is a feeling like no other. After my son K was born, I kept at it. I took him with me to knitting nights, I used him as a model for my creations, I even let him play with my yarn. He was definitely a great inspiration to learn to make new things.
(3 weeks old --- Photo Credit: Jennifer Schlegel)

At the urging of family and friends, I opened up an Etsy shop in the Summer of 2013. It keeps growing each year, and I'm so glad I took the plunge. One of my first items was an original pattern for a baby headband. It's just in my head right now, but I plan to write it down, have someone (likely Manuella) test it, and share it with you all someday in the near future.

I'm not sure where my knitting journey will take me, but I look forward to the ride and sharing it with you.

~Sarah Liz

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